wedding planning
For couples who don't know where to begin preparing for a wedding or who don’t have time to dedicate to the preparations and coordination, hiring a professional wedding planner is definitely the way to go. Even with all the proclaimed wedding experts out there, finding someone you can trust can be difficult.

Joelle takes great pride in the reputation she has earned for being a wedding planner that bridal couples can count on to give sound advice regarding all aspects of the wedding planning process and more so, a seasoned wedding coordinator that achieves the remarkable weddings that she promises.

Like an architect builds a home, Joelle ‘builds’ weddings. She expertly designs, plans, coordinates and executes all phases to perfection.
From A to Z, every detail of your dream wedding will be designed and implemented to perfection, taking into great consideration your sense of style and specific requests.

Designing your wedding, developing the wedding concept and floral design, recommending and shopping for vendors, sourcing unique wedding accessories and furnishings, negotiating with suppliers , managing your budget and coordinating your entire wedding are just a few of the services provided in Joelle’s Wedding Planning package. Joelle takes pride in her strong relationships with the finest vendors and suppliers in the market, which ultimately ensures they will deliver the highest quality services and products to you. With exceptional planning and flawless coordination, Joelle Hassoun and her team look forward to bringing your wedding vision to life!
wedding coordination
The truth is told, EVERY wedding needs professional coordination. No matter how popular and possible the Do-it-Yourself or venue coordination approach to wedding planning becomes, nothing can replace the value of having a wedding coordinator be your eyes and ears when you’re busy greeting guests and dancing till the sun comes up. As your wedding coordinator, YOU will be Joelle’s top priority. This is YOUR day and you’ll be guaranteed to relax and enjoy every moment!
Why do I need a Wedding Coordinator when my venue has one?

Wedding Coordinator VS Venue Coordinator: The Facts you NEED to know

Essentially, the wedding coordinator makes sure everything you have worked so hard to prepare runs according to plan. Contrary to popular belief, a venue coordinator can never replace a seasoned wedding coordinator. Why? Because the venue coordinator’s client is the venue, not the bride and groom. Since the venue coordinator doesn’t spend hours and hours with the couple to know every single detail about the wedding or the couple’s preferences, a venue coordinator is not responsible for, nor capable of managing your wedding. A true wedding coordinator should become ‘one’ with the couple, and a venue coordinator does not fulfill this vital role.
What exactly does a Wedding Coordinator do?

Hiring a professional Wedding Coordinator is the wisest decision for a bridal couple who wants to take care of all the planning details, but wants to be SURE that everything goes exactly as planned on the wedding day. They also want the luxury of enjoying their entire wedding week without being preoccupied or worried about issues that may arise. After the couple has chosen the suppliers, the coordinator works behind the scenes to ensure everything goes according to plan and that all supplier and venue commitments are fulfilled. Additionally, a wedding coordinator creates an organized and efficient time-line of events and takes over ALL vendor communications on behalf of the couple. On the day of the wedding, the coordination team will be onsite to confirm vendors, implement the layout and décor per the couple’s specifications and oversee all the time-line details.
wedding coordination
Owned and managed by Joelle Hassoun, Yahala is one of the most prominent hostess agencies in Lebanon Since 2003, Yahala has been a vital part of producing and organizing hundreds of successful events across the Middle East. Professional excellence and superior hospitality have become synonymous with the Yahala name; a name built on client satisfaction and distinguished achievement in providing hostessing services of international standard. Your guests will be more than impressed by our team’s elegant uniforms, educated demeanor and bright smiles that will warmly invite them to celebrate with you.

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